hide the corruption that seeps from within : #266

see HD version here


Hair: Wasabi Pills – Jun @faMESHed
Outfit: Sweet Thing – Athena Lingere @Bloom
Skeleton: Cureless – Sliced Torso @MementoMori
Tattoos: AsteroidBox – Body Scrapies @GachaGarden
Lipstick: Zombie Suicide – Smudged Lips @TDSF4
Collar: Atooly – Princess Collar @faMESHed
Headpiece: Astralia – Arish Headpiece (special prize) @GachaGarden
Rings: Astralia – Lunar Ascendant @faMESHed
Piercing: [CX] – Spiked Drill @TMD
Lashes: Wednesday[+] – Everyday Eyelashes @Coven
Background: Candle&Cauldron – Chamomile Hearth Skybox @Coven



no edits – no windlight



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