Are you ready to swear right here right now before the devil : #177


Hair: BesomxSayo – Haunted @Salem
Dress: CandyDoll – Ophelia Dress @MementoMori
Cleaver: CerberusXing – Bloodbone Cleaver @MementoMori
Mask: Le Morte – Blind Messiah @MementoMori
Boots: Epic – Spooky Sweet Torment Stompers *New Limited*
Tiara: MoonAmore – Eyeholic Gacha @Salem
Leg wounds: Alterego – Scratches
Face wounds: Merlific – Scarzy Face Gacha @MadCircus Oct 8th
Tights: Insanya – Euro Stockings
Cage: Astralia – Dead Bird Cage @GachaGuardians
Skeleton: M.Law Designs – Skeleton Crucified @Salem


Can we have a quick chat about these boots? Holy moly they are just beautiful. They are unrigged mesh so they can fit on any body you like. Here i have them on maitreya. They come in black/white and inverse and they are LIMITED! You know what that means, get your butts to Epic and pick them up. They are just the damned cutest things. Link to marketplace listing is above in the credits.

Secondly, all these goth, witchy, halloweeny events coming up? I really really love October. It’s my favorite time of year. Salem, Memento Mori, Nightmare Event and the up coming Mad Circus just.. ugh, love it all. Especially all the creepy goodies coming from Le Morte and Merlific, i couldn’t help putting these two together, along with the creepy eye tiara, seriously, its creepy, just look:


the tiara from Moon Amore also comes with a HUD to change the eye colour, so there is something for everyone. Don’t mine the background deciding to just rerezz itself randomly, no idea why that happens sometimes.


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