Covered in Charm – Catwa Jessica Review


Catwa Jessica - Review


Over the past week there has been a lot of commotion over the newest addition to mesh heads available on the market.

Catwa – Jessica, is by far the most advanced head I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning, and with an array of content already being released, it is incredibly easy to gain the look you are after in a matter of moments.


The Catwa head comes with 9 animated emotions. An alpha system to hide lashes, brows, back of the head, ears and with the newest update, you can alpha hide the teeth, tongue and more.

Unlike some mesh heads available, the emotion animations are not static. The head will glide through the animation of your choosing, or you can ‘pause’ it to keep it in place for pictures.

‘Jessica’ comes with a complete HUD system, that I found very simple to use. It contains tabs and save slots for skin, brows, lips, blush and eyelashes. Wish means, you can mix and match at the click of a button. As well as a hairbase HUD already included.


At the time of creating this review, there was an update to the Jessica head. The updated HUDs are shown below. They give even more base makeup options, eyeliner options, lash options and general look of the system.

HUD V2 Update

Jessica Information:

Cost: $L3,599

Demo Available Here

List of Content Creators


Covered with Charm

‘ Covered in Charm ‘

Head: Catwa – Jessica
Body: Belleza – Freya
Skin: Infliction – Matilda (Creme)

Fade: Alterego – Leg Fade (Black)
Harness: Charm – Skye Harness (Silver – Common) @The Gathering
Belt: Charm – Skye Belt (Silver – Common) @The Gathering
Headdress: Charm – Skye Headpiece (Silver – RARE) @The Gathering
Armor: Tentacio – Galatea Doll Armor (Silver)

Horns: HalfDeer – Mini Goat Horns (Black) @Kustom9
Ears: HalfDeer – Goat Ears (Black) @Kustom9
Collar: Charm – Skai Collar (Silver)
Hair: Exxess – Siva
Eyes: Ikon – Triumph Eyes (Armor)





The Gathering (Opens Oct 1st)

Kustom 9


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