In the Details

In the Details


Teleports:  |  We ❤ RP  |  Suicide Dollz  |  Uber  |  Atooly  |

|  Credits  |

Skin: Glam Affair – Lauren (Jamaica 07) @Uber
Hair: Damselfly – Kezia (Tuxedo) @<3RP
Choker: Random Matter – Nagini Collar @Uber
Necklace: Pomposity – Gothic Skull Necklace @SD
Necklace 2: EF – Ymri;s Sigil (Copper) @<3RP
Horns: Atooly – Murray Horns (Red) @SD
Top: Pixicat – Maiden Top (Black) @<3RP
Suit: Infliction – Lace Mini (Grey) *coming soon @ Lubbly Jubblies*
Bracelets: Atooly – Lauren Spied Ends Bracelet @TDTH
Eyepiece: DirtyStories – FairyTale Monocle @SD
Tattoo: G.ID – Themis Tattoo @SD
Nail Accessories: Bliensen – Rawwr Claws (Black) @<RP
Heels: CX – Chained Heels (Silver) @Uber

CP – Oiseau es Chandelles @Uber
Sway’s – Tied up Chairs (Clean) @Uber
Kalopsia – Mystic + Dark Spirits @Uber


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